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Meet The Collaborators

We are a team of resourceful, hardworking media experts. We've found a unique blend of individual expertise and created an experience that is enjoyable and effective. Get to know us a little more.
Paraphrasing the words of Fun:
"We are young, we can burn brighter, so let's set the world on fire..."

Adali Ghazali

Production Executive

Fresh out of National Service, this up-and-coming media specialist has been instrumental in our team. Whether it is for corporate or broadcast, Adali goes the distance in ensuring that our post-production deadlines are met. He was heavily involved in the modern look and feel that was evident in the fourth season of Juara Memasak Milenia. Most notably, his work has been seen recently in Singapore’s 2018 New Year Eve Countdown Party Highlight video for PICO.

Munn Iskandar


Munn has a penchant for unique and original ideas which makes her highly sought after as a photographer who specialises in weddings and engagements. She has a background in digital filmmaking and her works have been exhibited in NOISE Singapore and KampongSG events. Her clients have lauded her excellent eye for aesthetics and composition. She was the official behind-the-scenes photographer for Juara Memasak Milenia, where her work was featured in marketing collaterals and on air.

Daryl Goh Tizhi


Based in Singapore, the self taught filmmaker is armed with a passion for both writing and music, finding new ways to express and communicate. He has been involved in TV productions such as Yakult Klinik Kita, Satu Famili Season 3 and X-tion Series 2 for Suria; Secrets in the Hood for Channel U; Only the Brave and The Food Detectives Season 2 for Channel 5. In 2017, he was the technical producer and online editor for the fourth season of Juara Memasak Milenia, a reality television cooking competition for Mediacorp Suria, Singapore’s Malay Broadcaster.

He began his career in photography in 2007; shooting for weddings and birthday parties. Since then, his repertoire has evolved to include fashion, product, and food photography. His clients include: Mustafa Shopping Centre, Yue Hwa Chinese Products,, and Prime Publishing. He has also shot for local bands, Ah5ive, and Wicked Aura. He has been featured in Channel 5’s Food Detectives as a food photographer.

Shahid Surani

Technical Director

Trained with a visual arts background, Shahid is skilled in multiple disciplines and oozes creativity. He pours himself into capturing memories at weddings with his company Hitchd Media. In 2017, he directed an 8-episode reality television cooking competition, Juara Memasak Milenia that was aired on Singapore’s Malay Broadcast Station, Mediacorp Suria. He has also shot videos for Michelin Guide Singapore and Netsuite.

David M. Belmonte

Director of Photography

David was a key member and inspiration of the Collaborate Creations team. His attention to detail and drive for perfection ensures that the final product is always pristine. He now runs his own media production company at glitc-h

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